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What is Voice?

Through Voice, teenagers are trained, equipped, and overseen in anti tobacco initiatives. The participants are taught the harms of tobacco use, the sneaky marketing tactics of the  Tobacco Industry, and how to communicate this to their community. If you have an idea about how to speak up against big tobacco, and need financial help, Download a Grant Application but clicking here.

Check out the new site for the statewide movement:

Voice Indiana


Wayne County Voice Projects 2014

  •  Kick Butts Kick Ball Tournament – Fighting tobacco with a fun event, Centerville students planned a Kick Ball Tournament. When a person got out, they had to answer correctly a tobacco related question to get back into the game. 120 people were involved.
  • Wayne County students painted a mural on Sim Hodgin Parkway.
  • Countywide Art Canvas Competition against tobacco use received over 18 entries. They were displayed in Reid Hospital for two weeks and they will go to other businesses.  Click here to see the artwork. 
  • Countywide Video PSA Contest – Students were invited to make a PSA warning other teenagers against Big Tobacco.  Click here to see the videos.
  • Centerville Voice hosted a booth at Relay for Life to raise awareness against tobacco.

Scary Facts about Tobacco

  • Tobacco kills more people than alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined.
  • Tobacco related illnesses kill 28 Hoosiers every day or 10,300 every year.
  • More than 6,000 children die each year in the United States because their parents smoke!
  • Tobacco companies spend more that $12.4 billion per year – over $34.1 million a day marketing to teenagers in the US alone. ($550/student per year)
  • Tobacco companies make $1.8 billion annually from under age sales.
  • 90% of all smokers started smoking by the time they were 18 years old!
  • 2,000 teens get hooked on cigarettes every day creating approximately 750,000 new daily smokers each year.
  • Careful research has found that non-smoking teens whose favorite stars frequently smoke on screen are 16 times more likely to have positive attitudes towards smoking in the future.